French Immersion

École Connaught School is proud to house the only elementary French Immersion Programme in School District 76. Due to the ongoing dedication of students, parents and staff this alternative academic program has been thriving for over twenty years. French Immersion is a Canadian made educational program in which a child whose first language is usually not French studies in French. Research shows that French Immersion is the best way for children to become functionally bilingual and acquire a second language. French Immersion in Alberta is the delivery of the curriculum using French as the main language of instruction. Students may enter the program in Kindergarten or Grade One and transfer in from another immersion program at any time. From Kindergarten to Grade Two the children receive 100% of their instruction in French and English Language Arts classes are added in Grade Three. Many resources are available at the school for parents who are considering French Immersion for their children. Consider the many advantages of French Immersion:

For more information or to ask questions about this program please contact the school.

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