About Connaught School

Mission Statement

Our mission at École Connaught School is to guide and engage students in becoming respectful, responsible, global citizens who have a love for learning in a safe and caring environment with a strong focus on academic and personal growth in English and French Immersion programs.

A little About Us

The cornerstone for "Cousins and Sissons School" (Connaught School) was laid on October 11, 1912 by His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught. He was the third son of Queen Victoria who played an important role in supporting Canada during World War One.

Many of our students, such as the Nobel Prize Winner for Physics in 1990, Dr. Richard E. Taylor, went on to make an important mark in History. Connaught School has seen a variety of changes. It has been an elementary school, a junior high school, a combined elementaryjunior high school and a dual track English / French Immersion school. A new wing which added several classrooms and a gymnasium was completed in the early 1950's. This accommodated the students from the fast growing Hill Area.

Today, Connaught School / École Connaught is a dual track School. It differs from other schools in that approximately half of the children are in an English Stream and take their subjects in English while the other half are in a French Immersion stream and use French as the primary language of instruction. At Connaught we attempt to provide all the students with valuable cultural experiences as well as a sound academic program.

French and English are seen and heard throughout the school. The upper elementary French Immersion students learn in both languages while the English program children participate in a French as a Second Language (Core French) program.

A new brick mural stands in front of Connaught School. Commissioned by the School Advisory Council and created by local artist Jim Marshall, this mural celebrates the history of the school. It portrays a wide variety of students who have called Connaught home.

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